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President’s Message

Monday, June 2, 2014
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It is with some sadness and some relief that I turn over the reins of the Burlington County Bar Association to Roger Lai. I have complete confidence in Roger’s leadership and look forward to working with him this year.

In my installation speech and first president’s column, I set out a list of goals I wanted to achieve during my presidency. I am proud to say that all of those goals were accomplished along with some others I did not originally anticipate.

I asked you to consider the Bar Association as your professional family. We got to know many members of that family by learning about their passions and interests outside the law. We sponsored a family fun night where we played Family Feud and took quizzes about various famous families, and Modern Family. The event was extremely fun and enjoyed by all those who attended.

Our Technology Committee, chaired by Victoria Schall, undertook the creation of podcasts. We have on our website four podcasts from Francis Hartman, Joseph Pinto, Joseph Polino, and Warren “Bo” Jones. The same committee undertook to add four oral histories to the website as well: John Madden, Honorable Marvin E. Schlosser, Lou Smith and Anthony Gerike. It is my hope we will continue to add both new podcasts and oral histories next year. Please take the time to visit the website and enjoy these wonderful pieces of oral history.

I started a commercial networking program and I am delighted to report that it has been a great success for both the bar association and our corporate partners. Pamela Mulligan graciously agreed to chair this newly formed committee and under her stewardship we gained one platinum sponsor, Beneficial Bank, three gold sponsors, FindLaw, Law Vault and Northwestern Mutual, as well as four silver
sponsors, Brennan Commercial Abstract, Friedman, LLP, Robin’s Nest Restaurant and Tate & Tate Court Reporting. In total, the bar has generated $12,500 in revenue this year through the corporate networking. We have delighted in interacting with our sponsors at various events, seminars and dinners and we look forward to continuing to work with these companies to further foster our relationship.

This year, I also created the Women in the Profession Committee. Joan Burke and Jennifer Stonerod did a spectacular job at chairing the committee and we had our kick-off event on a cold, miserable night in January. However, the committee has been highly successful and, in February, our Bench Bar luncheon continued the Woman in the Profession theme with talks from several of our female jurists.

Lastly, Burlington County Bar joined the State Bar this year in promoting and educating the public about judicial independence. Kevin Walker designed an impressive law day panel, including retired Chief Justice Deborah Poritz, law school professors, Robert Williams and Robert Holmes. We ran a series of articles in The Straight Word about judicial independence spotlighting particular judges who demonstrated courage and independence through their tenure.

Last year’s president, Janice Heinold, did not abandon her work for the Straight Word after her tenure, and now writes a monthly wine column. Taking her lead, I will continue to write for the Straight Word a monthly whine, yes that is ’s w-h-i-n-e, column. My whines will not be about the Bar Association, but rather things in our lives that can be, and should be, improved upon.

It was a pleasure to serve the Association this year. I enjoyed it, learned from it, and added many new members to my professional family. Thank you.

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