Statement on the Independence of the Judiciary

The United States Constitution established three branches for the government in the effort to establish an effective foundation of checks and balances with which to maintain a balance of power. The Founders recognized that ambition and misinterpretation of responsibilities could find members of one branch trying to tip the balance to their advantage. Essential to this dynamic is the independence of the Judiciary. Judges appointed or elected to their positions receive the authority to decide the cases that come before them using their best judgment, incorporating the decisions made since the establishment of the country and the circumstances of the individual cases they receive. Their independence from the Executive and Legislative branches is a crucial element to the effective and honest maintenance of our government.

It is vital for the continued effectiveness of government that all citizens recognize that the Judiciary must be respected as not only equal to but, in many ways, as the legal guide for the other branches. They restrain the over-ambitious and encourage the under-represented. When the independence of the Judiciary is threatened, one of the three pillars upon which the entire government has been built becomes undermined, weakening the entire country and endangering its survival.  At no time can the independence of the Judiciary be undermined, else their impartiality in the face of the law be deemed ineffective.

The Burlington County Bar Association calls upon the Executive and Legislative branches of the government to perform their own duties to the best of their ability and to allow the courts to fulfill their constitutional obligation without facing personal attacks.

Elizabeth M. Garcia, President

Updated: March 28, 2017 — 12:01 pm
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