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President’s Message

Thursday, April 2, 2015
posted by admin


R.  Lai

“A friend will not always become a client, but a client should always become a friend.”  I recently read this quote in an article about legal marketing.  In explaining this quotation, a marketer told me that clients are seeking a trusted advisor when they consult with a lawyer.  Clients expect us to be responsive to their demands. Clients are seeking to have their lawyers advocate, defend, and counsel them as if we are their friends as opposed to merely providing a service for hire.

From the standpoint of marketing and retaining clients, this is certainly good advice.  Treating clients like friends is certainly a good way to keep them.  In fact, satisfied clients are likely the best resource for generating new business.  Like with any business, a satisfied client will always be the best referral source.  Potential clients always want to hear from someone who has had their problems successfully solved.

As a practical matter, I’ve recently been reaching out to former clients to touch base and check in.  Every week, I’ve tried to send at least a couple of quick emails and/or placed a few telephone calls.  As many of you have likely experienced, while a client’s case was pending, I was often in contact with them on a daily or weekly basis.  As cases resolve, I’ve always found it strange that those relationships suddenly end.  I have to admit that for the most part, these inquiries have been well received.  While I can’t say that any of this has led to new business, it has been refreshing to renew old acquaintances.   Certainly, keeping in touch with friends and clients certainly doesn’t hurt.

As a caveat to all of this, I was surprised by a few responses from certain clients.  There have been one or two who have not returned calls or emails.  This was despite the fact that for certain periods of time we were communicating on a daily basis about things well beyond the nature of the litigation I was handling.  I knew how old their kids were and where they spent Thanksgiving.  The only thing I could conclude was that for some clients, they’d rather forget that they were involved in litigation.  Certainly, being a party to a lawsuit can be a stressful and disturbing occurrence.  Regardless, I wish nothing but the best for all of these former clients.  Hopefully, every client walks away knowing that no matter the outcome, they received nothing but the best effort and honest advice from all of us.

areer would have benefited from perhaps having mentor who had been of Asian descent.  I suppose that I’ll never know.  However, the upcoming law students at Rutgers should not have to ask the same question that I did.  Thus, I am putting in writing that I am going to make every effort to give back and offer whatever help I can to our young and future lawyers.  I encourage all of you to remember those who have helped you get to where you are.   Please return the favor by giving to others the benefit of what you’ve already received.

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