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President’s Message

Friday, April 4, 2014
posted by admin

K.HartmanA Family Affair

As you may know, there are quite a few lawyers in my family, which is what inspired me to have a family themed event this year.  There are at least 80 lawyers in the Bar Association that have a family member in the practice as well.  The relationships are parent/child, spouses, siblings, and cousins, as well as in-laws.  All relationships are welcome.

I don’t know how game nights went at your house, but the Hartmans are a competitive bunch and there were more than a few arguments about rules, allegations of cheating and boards thrown in frustration.  If we are being honest, I think we can all agree that lawyers in general tend to be a tad bit competitive.  In fact 100 lawyers were surveyed and asked what the only thing was better than sex, and the number one answer was winning.  So of course I thought I would add some “friendly” competition to the event.

Join us at Carlucci’s Waterfront in Mount Laurel on April 16, 2014 for “A Family Affair”.  There will be several rounds of Family Feud, hosted by a special guest.  We will have trivia contests about families, local and not so local, a comedian and other competitions.  There will even be prizes over and above bragging rights.

If you don’t have five (or any) family members join up with your professional family or another family or create your own foster family.  Please submit your names to Kara at least one week prior to the event so we are able to set up a schedule for the games.

The event is during Passover and we will have matzo for those that observe Passover.

So join us, Wizmurs, Sweeneys, Raymonds, Milavskys, Heinolds, Segals, Bergers, Drummonds, Rigdens, Buonos, Farrows, Hoffmans, Tangs, Michaud-Smiths, Bookbinders, Schlossers, Walker-Soast, Scaramellas, Hulse-Abbott, Appells, Begleys, Magrams, Brennans, Nugents, Costas, Rosenbergs, Dostmann-DeMichele, Earls, Aberant-Taenzer, Ronayne-Kusmaul, Sapanaro-Gordon, McKrinks, Parkers, O’Briens, Rileys, Sitzlers, Stockton, Strobels,  Tarantinos, and Hartman-Zohlman-Cordry.

Fun Fact: Best answer on Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey in response to the question, “Name one thing a burglar would not want to see in a house they broke into.”  The answer: “Naked grandma.”

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