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President’s Message

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
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R.  LaiThank you to all of our members who came out to the Bradford Estate for the Installation of Officers for the upcoming year.  It is with anticipation and excitement that I look forward to the upcoming year.  However, I also know that I have big shoes to fill in succeeding Katherine Hartman.  Katie has done marvelous work, particularly in the areas of preservation of judicial independence and advancing the cause of women in our profession.  I can say that much of Katie’s work this past year has been behind the scenes and she certainly deserves a thanks for her efforts.

Our profession seems to be evolving in ways that could not have been anticipated only a few years ago.  When I started practicing, I was always told not to worry about business, but to just focus on being a good lawyer.  It has become clear that today the practice of law requires more than being a skilled lawyer.

To respond to the challenges that face all of us, I’d like to reevaluate the way our organization has always functioned to try and bring more practical assistance for our membership.  All of us need to run our practices more efficiently while finding ways to generate business leads through networking and referrals.  We need our association to help to develop those opportunities while maintaining professionalism and civility with our colleagues.  As the profession faces new challenges, our organization needs to adapt and provide our membership with solutions to the problems that we are all facing.  Thus, I’d ask that any members with ideas for new programs contact me.  The same holds true for old programs that we need to bring back.  We’re interested in hearing from you.  We don’t want to keep doing things just because that’s the way things have been done before.

Thank you all for the privilege of serving as your president this year and I hope to see you at the bar this year!

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