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Raising the Bar

We are still seeking donations to the Raising the Bar Campaign. Click the link to the left to make your tax-deductible donation to help fund the new Bar Headquarters or contact us to learn more! Olimometer 2.52

Lawyer Referral Service

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A public service of the Burlington County Bar Association, the Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) annually makes over 5,000 referrals to participating attorneys. Referrals are made on a rotational basis, based on the practice areas the attorney selects. All attorney members are eligible to join the LRS by completing an application and submitting a fee of $125 for the first five panels selected, and $50 for each additional panel. The fee is in addition to your annual dues.

LRS participants agree to charge clients no more than $35 for the first half-hour consultation. All fee arrangements after the initial consultation will be those agreed to between the client and the attorney.

The Lawyer Referral Service provides you with the opportunity to grow your practice, while referring clients based on the panels that you select. Don’t miss out on this important member benefit.

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Sign up for the 2015-16 Lawyer Referral Service

*Must submit new LRS application in entirety – download above and submit to Bar Headquarters