Voices of Experience

We at the Burlington County Bar Association are lucky to have many longstanding senior members who have graciously offered to share their opinions, experiences and reflections in two ways. The first is a less formal and shorter audio podcast wherein the senior attorney shares a brief reflection, funny story or “slice of life”. The podcasts will be posted at the rate of at least one per month and are approximately five to eight minutes long. We also have a more formalized oral history conducted in a question and answer format and with an interviewer on video tape. We anticipate these more detailed interviews will be available on the website shortly as a link to a YouTube site. We will keep you posted as to our progress with those oral histories.

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Warren “Bo” Jones, Esquire

The podcast is for Warren “Bo” Jones, Esquire shares and teaches us about another Burlington County legend, John Dimon, Esq. Listen as Bo recounts examples of John’s accomplishments, gregariousness, and his love for practicing law. Download

Jospeh F. Polino

Jospeh F. Polino, Esquire recounts a war story demonstrating that as attorneys we must rely on what we did not learn in law school to be the best attorney for our clients. Listen to Joe’s retell his fight to preserve his client’s rights in the 1970’s Route 38 screen shows case. Download

Joseph M. Pinto

Joseph M. Pinto, Esquire discloses his funniest experience in practice. From the courtroom to the streets in one day, hear Mr. Pinto define how to “go with the flow” when things took a turn in his case. Download

Francis J. Hartman

Francis J. Hartman, Esquire reveals his experience in meeting and working with one of the most interesting attorneys he met in his career. Mr. Hartman’s description of his colleague draws an remarkable depiction of the age-old question of how to divvy time between home and work life as an attorney. Download.

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